The cover of Michael Kriesel's book Zen Amen to be released January 2019. 

The latest edition of Stoneboat featuring art by Kathryn Waller.

One of my co-editors pointed out the use of shadowing in this bright artwork by the Colombian artist Vivian Calderon Bogoslavsky. I continued with that theme on the back cover by using sun rays to shadow the list of contributors.
I liked the sepia tones in the photo which represented, at least for me, some mystery. I played with the light title watermarks in the background of the cover to play on that mystery then added a touch of red for contrast.
For this cover, the estate of Roy Lichtenstein was generous enough to allow the use of some of his art.
I stared at this watercolor for quite a while and kept going back to the swirling pattern which developed into the repeated swirling of the original art. The yellow and red color on the cover really helps to accent the same colors in the watercolor.
I found, and still find, the artwork to be very calming. The light tan background is calming as well, and helps to frame the colors in the artwork.
There is a lot of color in this piece by Tyler Holman. I pulled many of the colors from the art to try for the back cover and ended up with the chocolate that is fairly sparse.
One cover from a series of Malawian children's books I have been involved with. The books will be published in English as well as Chichewa.
Cover design for Karl Elder's debut novel.
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